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These toy carbide cannons are safe, fun and legal alternative to firecrackers for children and adults at patriotic July 4th celebrations, New Years and all special events.

In continuous production since 1912, Big Bang Cannons are beautiful all metal reproductions of the field artillery used by the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. The 3 cast iron cannons are finished in black with red wheels. All make a handsome display pieces when not in use.

Wash the used Bangsite® (lime sediment) out of the water chamber after firing session.

More An American-Made backyard celebration for generations of customers .

An assistant professor from the same physics department at Lehigh was the company founder and owner until 1955.

The Conestoga Company manufactures nineteen models of Big-Bang Cannon in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Lehigh County.

I've had mine since 1960 and that cast iron carbide cannon still makes one heck of a BOOM!

Taken by eminent domain in the late 1960s to construct the 4-lane spur route I-378, the plant moved to E. Miller III.] Calcium carbide was one of the first products of electric arc furnaces, made economical by Niagara Falls in 1888.

Goepp St, until its present owners moved it to Sumner Ave. After cooling, irregular chunks were packed in air-tight containers for sale and used to generate acetylene gas by slowly dropping water on them.

These heavy cannons are not eligible for free shipping or other promotions.

The major field cannon and the brass cannons may be subject to additional shipping fees.

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