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I'm trying to find me a nice gentleman; that'll be lovely." Vivica previously dated rapper 50 Cent and local Atlanta businessman Omar "Slim" White.

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She truly is a piece of heaven from above – Halle’s naked body is a masterpiece and deserves to be worshipped…

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Fox dismissed rumors that she's doing the horizontal mambo under one (or more) or her male strippers. Fox had her pick of the hunky male exotic dancers in her reality TV show.

The 52-year-old actress says she is single and still looking for a good man who is at least 40, independently wealthy and takes care of himself. someone that's fun, that's outgoing, that's got a great sense of humor, that likes to travel and takes good care of himself," she tells Access Hollywood Live.

As for dating all those younger men, Vivica says, "I'm trying to date older...

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