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Make sure you hit ‘Save’ after you’ve made the necessary changes.

We will forward your comments to the relevant team for further review, so it can be taken into consideration in future updates. This was a good app but updates and “improvements” have destroyed it. I think I'm about to delete my profile and the app.

On my opinion app interface became inconvenient with last update. Watch out for our special promotions that pop up sometimes too - you may be able to grab some Credits or Premium for free!

If person have more than 3 languages it shows it like “English and 3 more” and when you click on it, you redirected to edit page of your profile language list.

“Bumped into” seems to have pretty much stopped working too.

Maybe the push for premium use has alienated many round here as this area is below average income being reliant on seasonal work, maybe that’s why hardly anyone round here shows up on it.

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