Are tegan quin and lindsey byrnes still dating dell updating software

But it is a fine line, because you can also like a band and find out they’re a bunch of dicks.

I don’t want to abuse the power that comes from having a voice and having an audience.

On your earlier albums, you would write one song and Tegan would write one.

Do you guys find that nowadays you pretty much write everything together or is it still split down the middle?

No, no, we still are sticking kind of to our traditional methods of writing independently. If I write something and record it, she’ll be the first person I send it to, and she’ll give me suggestions about arrangements or melodies, so we’re all certainly involved in the process. I think in the beginning there was a little bit of reluctance sometimes, always sort of assuming that the other person was wrong.

But from the beginning stage to about the 70% stage, it’s really us writing stuff by ourselves, individually. I’d be like, “Okay, thanks for your feedback, but no.” But as you get older and work with other people, you do a lot more collaborative stuff; you know, “I produced your record and I’ve written with other people and I’ve guested on things.” As you work with other people, it gets easier to take suggestions and criticisms and critiques and not act like that.

I love the sort of tactile experience of touching things and owning things.

I didn’t want to use music as a vehicle to talk about those things.I have a friend who used to work at Apple, and she told me that they might be getting rid of the classic i Pod.That worries me because I have a lot of music and wouldn’t be able to fit it on just a phone or i Pod Nano.Well it’s really tough to answer that because yes, I do, and probably in a magnified way because I’m me. I always use the example that, for some people, the fact that we’re twins…you know, we look the same and they’re like, “Oh my god, I can’t tell you apart.” And I think that’s so absurd because I look at Tegan and I don’t see myself at all. In the same way, when I hear music of Tegan’s, I don’t think to myself “Wow, that’s so similar.Like I hear only the finest differences.” So it makes it hard because I think we sound completely different.

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The big thing for me always was that I wanted to be able to talk about the things that I cared about or was inspired by or whatever, but I wanted to do it within reason.

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