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season 10 went to Haley Reinhart, who finally pulled all of the feedback and constructive criticism together and pulled out the stops for a sexy version of "Benny and the Jets." While the arrangement wasn't exactly contemporary, Haley Reinhart's solid performance went a long way toward reminding viewers why she made it into the Top 13.

"Benny and the Jets" was the second number one hit for Elton John in the US, reaching its peak in 1974.

The morning after Haley Reinhart performed the song, it returned to number one on the i Tunes singles chart.

Haley Reinhart encountered that dilemma during Top 8 week singing Blondie's "Call Me," which featured in the movie .

While "I Feel the Earth Move" became part of Carole King's first number one single along with "It's Too Late," the song also hit the gave extra points for most improved contestants, Haley Reinhart would never again appear in the bottom three.

Her Top 6 performance of Carole King's "Beautiful" showed that her sound is powerful AND commercially viable.

Haley Reinhart's loyalty was put to the test on Top 4 week, as fans were buzzing over judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson's critique of her cover of "Earth Song." While Randy Jackson said that Haley Reinhart screamed the end of the song and Jennifer Lopez only talked about song choice, Haley's fans heard an impressive rendition.

"Earth Song" was only a minor success for Michael Jackson in the United States, but it was a massive hit elsewhere, racking up number one rankings in 14 countries at the end of 1995.

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While one good performance will go a long way toward saving a contestant on , the quality of singers on season 10 was so high that Haley Reinhart would have a big struggle to define herself as a frontrunner in the singing competition.

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