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In a nutshell, mod authors would now receive a monthly reward based on how many unique downloads their opted-in files received.

To date, we've given away over ,000 worth of DP to mod authors.

This change was made in May 2018 to accommodate the mod author's Donation Point system.136 new games were added to Nexus Mods in 2018, up 86% on 2017's 73 new games.33,304 new mods were uploaded to Nexus Mods in 2018, representing a 19% increase on 2017's number of 27,891.

Of which, 22,480 were mods for Bethesda games and 10,824 were for non-Bethesda games.

Up until then, all the staff at Nexus Mods were working remotely in various countries in Europe and the US.

The average time a user spends on the site has increased by 5 seconds to 11 minutes and 46 seconds compared to 2017, so we do not think the site redesign has had a negative impact on user interaction.2,313,857 new members joined us in 2018, up 43% from the 1,612,142 who joined us in 2017, meaning Nexus Mods now has over 16.5 million users.

No doubt this number was bolstered by our change to the download system requiring all users to have an account to download (previously files less than 2MB in size didn't require you to login).

This represents a 4% increase of new Bethesda mods on 2017's number of 21,647 and a 73% increase in new non-Bethesda game mods compared to 2017's 6,244. Bethesda mods continue to grow in popularity despite the respective age of the games while our catalogue of non-Bethesda game mods is increasing at a truly amazing rate.

As a result, 68% of new mods on Nexus Mods are now for Bethesda games, while 32% are for non-Bethesda games. This is pleasing to us, considering Bethesda modding continues to flourish rather than diminish and we continue to make inroads to supporting as many games as possible. Finally, Nexus Mods served 226,582,588 unique downloads in 2018, up from the 207,582,827 unique downloads we served in 2017, representing a 9% increase.

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In contrast, the average pageviews are down from 132,500,000 in 2018 compared to 138,500,000 representing a 4% decrease.

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