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She tried to tell me that she loved me and that I meant something to her. She said she “didn’t want to lose me.” I told her I don’t think this marriage was the right decision. I told her I knew how she really felt about me, and that it was fucked yo she basically played with my emotions.

For all those wondering, we have no kids, and I pay fully for the apartment we live in, and I own almost everything we have other then her clothes. So after all of this she’ll have little to nothing left. I honestly don’t know what to do, but hearing her say has really made me upset.

She screamed at me saying, “You’re the fucking worst relationship I’ve ever been in. ” “Do you think you’ll ever from someone as good as me? [My name] was my very last resort, and now look where it made me end up.” Hearing that honestly broke my heart in two. The difference between us, he's been looking for a girlfriend all through his 20s, while I wasn't too bothered/didn't care for guys much.

Since two or three times a week we end up removing a few threads on why everyone keeps suggesting breakups, rather than micromanage the community, we figured this post would be prudent: You know how every Uber rating is right on the verge of 5 stars unless something's particularly off?At no point in that night did I think I was away from my wife longer than a piss break.Fast forward to the next day we are at the wedding reception and find our table.I sat down on the couch and cried, and I’m still crying as I type this up. Edit: Meant to put wife in the title but now I can’t change it. I overheard my wife talking to one of her best friends on the phone while I was passing the bedroom. My wife then said to her, “Sweetie, remember it’s your choice. He literally wrote to his friend that he trapped in the relationship.It’s both happy and sad tears, and I knew it was only time before she cheated on me or left me. Our relationship only went one way, and I feel like a complete idiot for not seeing it earlier I live in California, and I’m gonna start the process to annul our marriage. Also, I noticed a lot of people thinking this post is fake, I understand how it could be seen that way, but it isn’t. Anyways thanks for the advice everyone, it amazes me how people on the Internet can care so much about a person they don’t even know. That he wishes he could just hook up and flirt with other girls but he also wrote he always gets rejected and has no chance.

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I told her what she said had deeply hurt me, but obviously she already knew that since she read my post.

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  1. It’s the formula to taking your online dating message game to a previously unimagined level. Or the conversation peters out after a few exchanges. And unless you’re an Adonis who runs a puppy rescue shelter, we’re all frustrated. It’s shallow, an incredible time suck, and it’s not delivering on its promise: algorithm-assisted matches that make dating efficient. I want to be up front: this isn’t about crafting the perfect profile.