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I've had preteen boys try to call collect, phone company employees hack my line, and neighbors listen on my line with a police scanner.The first time I got a call from an enraged wife, I thought it was my friend playing a joke.After all, a man who gets indignant over not needing six whole minutes is not going to have a girlfriend any time soon.There's a wide world of masochists, diaper fetishists and "furries" out there.They wear fancy business suits, slinky peignoirs and thigh-high stockings while they sit – all alone – and chat it up.

But I also learned that it can be frustrating, shocking, confounding, exasperating and unexpectedly hilarious.After all, who is really going to think that an adult conversation specialist wants to steal their husband?Turns out, there are many wives who think exactly that – and they sure know a lot of not-very-nice euphemisms for sexual availability.That's why most phone sex operators reserve the right to say no and end a call. While the majority of phone sex ops are women, men can and do get in on the action. Male phone sex operators are also there just for men. Personally, I've never spoken to a woman caller who wasn't on the extension with her male friend. I expected many things when I started doing phone sex, but being bored out of my mind? In the beginning, once you've taken out some ads and are waiting for the phone to ring … The first few weeks, you might only get one or two calls a day.Down time is research time though, which means you get to put your feet up and read some Anais Nin. Check out 5 Books That Will Make You Forget About "50 Shades of Grey.") No cords in phone sex.

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That's why most phone sex operators decide upfront what subjects are off limits, and stick to them.

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  1. At times it is a benign disinhibition, as when people show unusual acts of kindness or generosity, but at other times it is malignant, as when visiting the dark places of the Internet – pornography, crime, and violence – through email, chat rooms, and video.