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After a recent problem with his online shopping, he declined to call a customer service number but posted his number on Twitter, hoping the number would be picked up by marketing companies.

Lee Beaumont is just one of many people who have learned to exploit the premium rate number system.

Incoming calls to the premium rate number are connected to International Points-Of-Presences (IPOP), where they are either terminated onto IVR equipment (hosted by the premium rate number provider) or internationally forwarded to the fraudster’s own target destination numbers.Now, a whole eco-system has evolved that makes traffic pumping fraud to premium rate numbers an easy endeavor for anyone.”Fraudsters today can hack into a phone network, use stolen equipment, or simply use deceptive practices to generate traffic to premium rate numbers.The results can be tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.As Jim Dalton, president of Trans Nexus put it, “Premium rate numbers are begging to be used for fraud.The premium rate number business model made sense before Vo IP technology was available.

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