Accommodating bipolar disorder in the workplace Free black cam dating

Individuals with bipolar disorder are sometimes disciplinary nightmares.

But employers that have an understanding of the condition are in a better position to avoid the problems and take advantage of the strengths such employees bring to the workplace.

That’s the dilemma posed by some employees with bipolar disorder, a condition characterized by moods that go from extremely good to exceptionally bad.

If your depression or anxiety makes it hard for you to sleep, work, concentrate, think, regulate your emotions, or care for yourself, for example, then it is a disability under the ADA.

(For more information, see the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidance on depression, PTSD, and other mental health conditions.) Employees with disabilities have the right to reasonable accommodations: changes to the workplace, job, or employment policies that will allow them to do their work.

The accommodations you need will depend on your job and how your condition affects you.

An article by "Forbes" about bipolar in the workplace explains employees with the disorder usually approach their disorder at work in one of three ways: telling everyone, supervisors included; telling no one; or telling a couple of coworkers they trust.

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