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But, after working with many men for over a decade, it is abundantly clear that no lasting change can occur unless his lifestyle is consciously designed to both reflect and reveal his inner values and to challenge him to grow and evolve on a daily basis.

By making lifestyle the focus of our work, a powerful foundation is built which supports other more tactical techniques such as approaching women, flirting, connecting and escalating physically, dating strategies and progressing into long-term relationships.

They may be more used to being ‘motivated’ by being controlled and directed.

This means you need to show them that you will give them the freedom to develop their talent.

It may mean you need to challenge your own temptation to interfere and control.

To achieve this, managers have traditionally set direction, supervised closely and rewarded or reprimanded depending on output.There are no cookie-cutter solutions to one specific man’s dating challenges.So, the process begins with a free 30-minute call between you and I.This is one where people willingly give more discretionary effort or thereby accomplishing results that even they themselves did not think they were capable of. How can they connect this to improving their work output?Let us put the spotlight on Pink’s Mastery element. Talk to your team as individuals and find out what their passion is both inside and outside of work. All too often talent is trapped simply because it doesn’t fit within their immediate role description.

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