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Don Cheadle will star as Marty, a highly successful, cutthroat consultant who is never above using any means (or anyone) necessary to get his clients the information they want.

The dinner was an extremely satisfying experience for the directors; a welcome night of camaraderie, humor and mutual admiration of one another's work. on October 28, 2005 with the premiere episode "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road", co-written and directed by Don Coscarelli.

Bell joins the already cast Dawn Oliveri (Heroes), Josh Lawson (Romantically Challenged) and noted comedian Ben Schwartz (Undercovers) as Marty’s corporate team; the legendary Glynn Turman (In Treatment) as Marty’s psychoanalyst father; and Donis Leonard Jr. He hides his double life from his neurotic, foul-mouthed, vice squad sister Debra, his co-workers at the Metro Miami Police Department where he works, as well as his commitment-minded girlfriend, a troubled divorcée named Rita, who, like Dexter is mortally afraid of intimacy and sex.

Dexter also as frequent flashbacks to his life with his late foster father Harry, a police detective, who gave Dexter his inspiration to act out his homicidal urges.

Hannah and Belle have the same common goal; to make as much money as possible while they still can. This costume drama features England's splendid Renaissance dynasty, starting in season 1 with the part of king Henry VIII's reign when cardinal Wolsey rose to become the power behind his throne, ruled ruthlessly and almost absolutely but highly efficiently while Henry generally follows his advice and that of Thomas Morus in diplomatic and religious matters but soon gets obsessed with the desire for a male heir which his loving Habsburg queen Catharine of Aragon cannot give him, hence comes under the spell of femme fatale Anne Boleyn who plays harder to get then any other mistress; when both want a marriage, Henry first needs a divorce, but Wolsey's promises to help him to one with Rome's blessing prove a terrible Calvary, complicating the diplomatic power game, trying to play France against the Habsburg dynasty's Holy Roman Empire annex Spain and its overseas empire. The L Word is the intimate story about the lives and loves of a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles.

The show has received a lot of praise for its brilliant storylines and its portrayal of the lesbian community. Brotherhood, a Showtime original series, follows the lives of two brothers in the Providence, Rhode Island Irish-American neighborhood known as “The Hill”.

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Of his co-workers, Dexter gets along well with most of his co-workers whom are detective Angel Batista, the officious Lt.

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