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Undeterred, the band jumped at the chance to become the first Western punk band to tour another notoriously conservative continent, the Middle East, just a few years later. “It was important for a number of reasons,” Swilley says of the tour.

“We’ve always wanted to push boundaries of where we go. D, oppositional defiance disorder.” This time, their shows went off without a hitch, and Black Lips played shows for crowds in Jordan, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraqi Kurdistan, and the United Arab Emirates in 2011 in support of that year’s release of their record , produced by Mark Ronson.

“Everyone was really nervous about us going there, but it really went off without a hitch,” adds Swilley.

It helps that the same mischievous spirit that helped speed up their exit from the educational system is still very much alive, thriving in its new environment on stage, resplendent with punk rock theatrics and miscellaneous bodily fluids, amongst other things.

The band’s energy and unique “flower punk” sound helped them build a rabid fan base, and after releasing their first two albums through Bomp!

“Making this record was the most wonderful few months of my life.

It was by far my favorite time recording an album so far...

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